Tuesday, March 27, 2012

30k requests/s, aka wrk is fast

I just discovered wrk, a small and very fast http load testing tool. My previous experiments with µhttp-based MPWSideWeb first maxed out at around 5K requests per second, and after switching to httperf, I got up to around 10K per second. Using wrk on the same machine as previously, I now get this:
marcel@nomad[~]wrk  -c 100 -r 300000 http://localhost:8082/hi
Making 300000 requests to http://localhost:8082/hi
  2 threads and 100 connections
  Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
    Latency     4.60ms    2.51ms  11.47ms   62.40%
    Req/Sec    14.98k     0.99k   16.00k    52.80%
  300002 requests in 9.71s, 21.46MB read
Requests/sec:  30881.96
Transfer/sec:      2.21MB
marcel@nomad[~]curl http://localhost:8082/hi
Hello World!

So a nice 30K requests per second on a MacBook Air, and wrk was only running at around 60% CPU, whereas httperf tended to be pegged at 100%. The web-server in question is a minimal server like sinatra.rb set up to return a simple "Hello world!".
marcel@localhost[scripts]cat memhttpserver.stsh 
context loadFramework:'MPWSideWeb'
server := MPWHTTPServer new.
server setPort: 8082.
stdout println: 'memhttpserver listening on port ',server port stringValue.
server start:nil.

scheme:base := MPWSiteMap scheme.
base:/hi := 'Hello World!'.
server setDelegate: scheme:base .

shell runInteractiveLoop

memhttpserver listening on port 8082

So I definitely have a new favorite http performance tester!

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