Sunday, February 8, 2009


Just pushed out a minor bugfix release to Objective-XML-5.0:
  • Re-enabled character-set conversion code that had gotten disabled
  • Fixed a compile-error for some targets
  • Other minor improvements
Download here:


Casual Penguin said...

I'm intrigued by your MPWMAXParser - I've hooked it into the XML Performance sample for iPhone and can see that it's pretty close to the libXML path - nice!

Do you have more robust example of usage of it (more than the RSS.m)?

Do you generally expect that your parser will run on a background thread? Is it recommended?

Unknown said...

Hi, do you have any examples on how objective-XML should be used for parsing and generating XML files?

Jesse said...


Objective-XML simply looks awesome! It is definitely going to be my project's go-to XML parser. I've dug around in the source a bit and took a look at the RSS.m class. I have a general idea of how things work, based on the RSS.m file, but I'm still a little confused, especially with what exactly gets parsed into the headerItems. A small example would do wonders in understanding how this beast works and reacts. For example,

[?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?]
[rss version="2.0"]
[title]Website Feed[/title]
[description]Channel desc[/description]
[title]Story Title 1[/title]
[description]Story 1 desc[/description]
[title]Story Title 2[/title]
[description]Story 2 desc[/description]

How to efficiently parse out channel info like [title], [description], and [link]. I would assume we implement a method in our handler, something like: -channelElements:childern .... ;
where the children are all the child tags below [channel]? But doesn't that basically include the entire file?

Getting at the data between the [item] tags is pretty straight forward, as shown by your iTunes Song example.

Seth said...

Hi -

This really seems great, but I obviously don't know what I'm doing. I want to use this as part of an iPhone app, but I don't even know where to begin. I've tried to build the MPWFoundation project changing the SDK to the iPhone 3.0 simulator, but I just get an error:

"target specifies product type '', but there's no such product type for the 'iphonesimulator' platform"


Can someone please explain the steps for using this in an iPhone application?


Kane said...

I want to add to the comments about needing some documentation or examples. Obj-XML looks great but I am not even sure which of the seven targets I should build, let alone how to implement it in an iPhone app.

jazzdman said...
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jazzdman said...

Hello Mr. Weiher,
I've downloaded the sources from SourceForge for 5.2 to my Mac. However, with the exception of the MPWXmlCore framework, I have been unable to get any of the targets to buiild. In most cases, much of the code won't even compile. I've looked briefly through the code, and MPWTestCase was not even implemented correctly. Methods named in the header are not in the implementation file. Where should I be looking for information on how to get this code to work and including this code in my project?


Jason Mazzotta