Thursday, January 2, 2014

Objective-C: TIOBE programming language of the year third time in a row!

Actually: no it isn't, Transact-SQL got the honors. Apart from the obvious question, "Transact-Who?", it really should have been Objetive-C, because Tiobe readjusted the index mid-year in a way that resulted in a drop of 0.5% for the popular languages, which is fine, but without readjusting the historical data! Which is...not...especially if you make judgements based on relative performance.

In this case, Transact-SQL beat Objective-C by 0.17%, far less than the roughly 0.5% drop suffered by Objective-C mid-year. So Objective-C would have easily done the hat-trick, but I guess Tiobe didn't want that and rigged the game to make sure it doesn't happen.

Not that it matters...

UPDATE: I contacted Tiobe and they confirmed, both the lack of rebaselining and that Objective-C would likely have won an unprecedented third time in a row.

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