Wednesday, January 8, 2014

codesign lies

Just had a case of codesign telling me my app was fine, just for the same app to be rejected by GateKeeper. The spctl tool fortunately was more truthful, but didn't really say where the problem was.

A little sleuthing determined that although I had signed all my frameworks with the Developer ID, two auxiliary executables were signed with my development certificate.

Lesson learned: don't trust codesign, use spctl to verify your binaries.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Objective-C: TIOBE programming language of the year third time in a row!

Actually: no it isn't, Transact-SQL got the honors. Apart from the obvious question, "Transact-Who?", it really should have been Objetive-C, because Tiobe readjusted the index mid-year in a way that resulted in a drop of 0.5% for the popular languages, which is fine, but without readjusting the historical data! Which is...not...especially if you make judgements based on relative performance.

In this case, Transact-SQL beat Objective-C by 0.17%, far less than the roughly 0.5% drop suffered by Objective-C mid-year. So Objective-C would have easily done the hat-trick, but I guess Tiobe didn't want that and rigged the game to make sure it doesn't happen.

Not that it matters...

UPDATE: I contacted Tiobe and they confirmed, both the lack of rebaselining and that Objective-C would likely have won an unprecedented third time in a row.